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Author: Devang Gandhi, MD
Publication Year: 2011
This is my first issue as the Editor of The Maryland Psychiatrist (TMP). I am honored to be entrusted with the role of steering this publication reflecting the thoughts and the voices, the celebrations and the sorrows of the membership of the Maryland Psychiatric Society. Having served on the editorial advisory board for the past two years, I have experienced first-hand the sincere affection and passion that my colleagues on the editorial advisory board share for TMP. I have learned much from them, and will continue to look to them to guide me in fulfilling this role. I am also fortunate to have the support of the highly experienced MPS staff -Meagan Floyd, Heidi Bunes, and Kery Hummel.
You will notice that this issue also carries MPS News as an insert. Due to budget constraints, there was a proposal to convert TMP to an electronic format. After much debate on the pros and cons of doing so, it was decided by the MPS Council to combine the publication and mailing of TMP and MPS News. In the future, during the months TMP is published, MPS News will appear as an insert. This is expected to achieve significant cost savings. Other suggestions are also under consideration. More to follow on this.
In this issue, in keeping with our tradition, Dr. Dinah Miller introduces our current President, Dr. Anita Everett. Dr. Jennifer Katze shares her thoughts on her impending retirement from practice. Dr. Katze has been a prolific contributor to TMP, and I hope she will have even more time to wield her pen during retirement.
This issue also has extensive coverage of the celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the University of Maryland’s Department of Psychiatry. During my 15 years in the Department, I have been proud of its tremendous accomplishments. However, it was only during the anniversary celebrations that I became familiar with its rich history and its place in the history of psychiatry in Maryland. Dr. Anthony Lehman, current chairman, outlines the formative early years and the vision of the pioneers in the Department. Ms. Pat McNees describes her experiences writing the commemorative book “Changing Times, Changing Minds”. Dr. Gerald Klee, a former member of the faculty, played an instrumental role in creating an archive of the department’s early history as described in his article. On a sad note, this issue also carries tributes to former chairman Dr. Eugene Brody, and long time faculty member Dr. Nathan Schnaper, who passed away earlier this year.
Finally, I want to make a sincere plea to all MPS members: TMP is meant to echo our thoughts and opinions. It can do so only with the active involvement of MPS members. Please contribute your articles, comments, suggestions, and creative musings- we want to hear from you.
Best wishes for a year of good health, peace and prosperity,



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