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2010 MPS Annual Meeting

Author: John Buckley, MD
Publication Year: 2010
Edition Summer 2010
Type of resource: Newsletter

The Society held its 60th birthday party at Valley Country Club 4/30 at 6 p.m. On a cloudless, warm, spring evening, members gathered to hobnob at an old mansion set amid manicured lawns overlooking a swimming pool complex. Inside were tall-ceilinged anterooms and a ballroom with places set for the 105 attendees. Blue and white balloons floated above each round dining table, but most waited outside the dining area, enjoying the social hour. After a visit to the quaint bar (chock full of Art Donovan memorabilia), colleagues could renew their friendships on the huge veranda or just inside where Donn Teubner-Rhodes , Anthony Lehman and group provided classy musical background.

Salads were served at 7 p.m. as diners took their seats and the meeting was underway. Each table place was set with a 12 page program which included a brief history of the organization as well as names of honorees. It made the evening more informative and the agenda easy to follow. The meal was tasty. The meeting was crisp and well organized. Dinah Miller, the outgoing president and Renaissance woman, made a strong bid for election as permanent emcee of the annual get together, keeping the proceedings moving with good humor and pace. It helped that all of the speakers were experienced behind a microphone.
Jonas Rappeport gave the Foundation award to the Hopkins Dept. of Psychiatry for their adolescent depression awareness program. Len Hertzberg accepted the Lifetime of Service Award. He minimized his own hours and years of dedication while thanking others for his award. His wife of 46 years got the most thanks! Franklin Goldstein received the Legislative Service Award for his years of interpreting citizens’ mental health issues to legislators.
Anita Everett assumed the role of president graciously reminding all of her commitment to social engagement (ours). Her column in the current MPS News outlines her plans for the year.
Carol Bernstein, APA president elect, gave the featured talk, advising or perhaps warning us about the next generation of psychiatrists (Generation Y). Her instructional demographics divided the physician population into four distinct groups by age: those born by 1945 (the geezers) (the greatest generation), the baby boomers 1946-1964, Generation X 1965-1985, and the coming crop: Generation Y 1986-. It seemed that she was encouraging the geezers to learn how to text with one thumb while switching icons on an I Pod for the latest data, and all this while skipping rope. She did not mention that the newest generation might be encouraged to trust reason before impulse and to listen however briefly to the wisdom of the geezers.
The birthday party was over by 9p.m. before postprandial torpor could set in. The room was full of members who have contributed to the success of the group. All are worthy of recognition but not necessarily of an individual introduction with polite applause. The emcee or a gadfly designee could toss out a few personality quips about select attendees. After all this is a social event and could be more fun.
In the crowd were 50 year members including Jonas, Gerry Klee, Tom Lynch, and Lex Smith. Newly elected Fellow Alan Peck appeared most pleased with his honor. Bruce Hershfield was “working the room” with his usual rapid delivery and his eye catching neckwear. Bob Roca and his sculptress spouse were practicing their new roles as president and first artist of the Baltimore County Medical Association. Mahmoud Jahromi took an evening off from his TV news interviews and pro bono project to enjoy a meal. John Urbaitis looked his usual dignified self as MPS senior statesman. Scott Aaronson, after a year organizing meetings, was more magnetic than ever. The ever dapper Erwin Bacmeister added some class to his table. The generations interacted smoothly at the Taghizadeh family table…etc. etc. etc.
The MPS staff (Kery, Heidi, and Meagan) accepted well deserved thanks for their attentive care.
But Wait! Do we really need a guest speaker and all the polite applause? The speakers have been terrific but there is no CME and there could be more social interaction built into the evening. If any guest speech is scheduled, then why not early in the agenda for more impact? The Friday night timing seemed quite popular. The favors were folding leather business card holders with the MPS imprint. These would seem to be more upscale and dignified than cap snafflers, but maybe not so practical. On the other hand, for small jars, the leather might afford a good grip. It was a fun evening. Be there in 2011!



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