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Academic Psychiatry

In 2007, when I began researching the history of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, I expected the project might take me two years at most. After all, I had written a history of the NIH Clinical Center, the big research hospital and clinic in Bethesda, in less time than that.

In 1950 an eminent Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. Jacob Finesinger, was recruited to create a full time psychiatry department at The University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) in Baltimore. By the time of his death in 1959, Finesinger had built a nationally admired organization. He was succeeded by a series of Chairmen leading to Anthony Lehman, who was appointed Chair in 2000.

 This article is based on Dr. Lehman’s address at the Gala celebrating the 60th anniversary.

 The Department of Psychiatry at University of Maryland celebrated sixty years of its establishment in September 2010. Its accomplishments were highlighted in a day-long program on September 16th that included scientific sessions followed by a gala dinner in the evening.

Practice Related Information

The new Novitas Customer Service Center at has 6 main categories: Single Toll Free Service, References, System Access, Self Service Tools, Frequently Asked Questions, and Contact Information. In addition, new documents are available:

An estimated 20 percent gap between what Medicare pays physicians and their cost to provide the care means that some physicians have had to limit the number of Medicare patients they see or withdraw from Medicare altogether. The Medicare

Physician Update Fix through December 2012 

At last, I have something in common with Michael Jordan and Brett Favre, or perhaps fortunately merely one thing in common. I have been called back from retirement. Devang Gandhi was kind enough to ask if I would rekindle my psychopharmacology column, and I decided to accept. This time around, however, I hope to maintain a slightly different focus.                  

Public Psychiatry

Maryland has been working for several months on integration of “behavioral health services” with “somatic care.”  The MPS Behavioral Health Integration Workgroup (BHI Workgroup) has contributed actively to the deliberations with the DHMH and other stakeholders.

 The Maryland Medicaid Program issued a new Preferred Drug List effective October 1, 2009. To view the updated list, please visit Please note that in a very small number of cases, the generic drug is not preferred and requires authorization through MedWatch, or the brand is also preferred and does not require authorization. Please direct questions or concerns to 410-767-1455.

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