Content workflow

Click Administer->Content management->Content types. Next to each content type available, you will see a "edit" link. Every content type will have the following settings:

The default settings include:

    * Name, which describes briefly what is expected when users create that type of content.
    * Description, which is a more free-form way to describe what the content type is about.
    * Labels for the Title and Body fields, which appear to users when they create a new item of that type of content.
    * Explanation or submission guidelines: where administrators can let users know what the content type is for and what policies for submitting that content type are


These settings determine what happens to the content once it's submitted by the user.

    * whether the item is initially set to "Published" or not
    * whether the item is initially set to be Promoted to the front page
    * whether the item is initially set to appear as sticky on the top
    * whether comments are disabled (i.e. comments are not allowed, and no comment options are displayed), read-only (closing the discussion, but leaving the comments displayed), or read-write (users can read comments and add their own)
    * whether the item will add a revision in case administrators need to revert to a previous version of the item of content
    * whether the item will allow attached files (this option will only appear if the Upload module is enabled